Top 5 Chrome Extensions for News Reading in 2024

Want a personalized news feed of your interest? Check these top 5 Chrome extensions to level up your news reading experience in 2024.
best Chrome extension for news reading

Today, there is a new piece of news published on the internet every minute. Thus, finding reliable and relevant news can be challenging with information flooding from countless sources.

But, to keep the news legitimate, the Chrome extensions for news come in handy to be your trusty news curator, sifting through the chaos and delivering the stories that matter most to you.

In this article, we’ll dive into our picks for the top 5 news Chrome extensions that will turn your browser into a personalized news haven in 2024.

1. Fake News Debunker

If you’re a daily news reader, you might, at some point, have encountered fake news and its fake videos or images. To get rid of this all, the Fake News Debunker Chrome extension can be your weapon against online deception.

The Fake News Debunker by InVID Chrome extension, designed for journalists and fact-checkers, helps you analyze images, videos, and social media posts to see if they’re genuine.

The extension checks for inconsistencies and signs of manipulation. Also, find the original source of an image and see if it’s been altered. And, shows you if the information has already been debunked.

Key features:

  • Analyzes images and videos for signs of manipulation
  • Performs reverse image search to find the original source
  • Explores keyframes to see details in videos
  • Tracks information spread across social media platforms
  • Accesses databases of debunked information
  • Recommends which tool to use for verification
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2. NewsBot

If you read the news daily, you most probably know how news feeds is always random. But what if there’s a way to get news about your interest precisely. This is what the NewsBot Chrome extension does.

Trusted by BBC News Labs, the NewsBot Chrome extension connects you with more articles similar to the ones you enjoy. It employs machine learning for optimal results.

While reading an intriguing article, when you click on its icon, it starts showing you the related news articles and contents from the top trusted sources right within the tab.

Key features:

  • It grants instant access to related news while browsing articles
  • Provide updates on relevant topics via email notifications
  • Integrates apps via a smart RSS feed
  • Over 1 million curated news and blog articles
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3. NewsTab

If you want to catch the latest news, the first thing you may do is go to your favorite news sources.

But what if I say, you can get all the news updates directly on your customized new tab on Chrome without heading to any website? Yes, you read it right. The NewsTab Chrome extension is what it does exactly.

NewsTab, with more than 4.7 ratings out of 5, is one of the best personalized news feed Chrome extensions that delivers interest-based news with rich images directly to every new tab you open.

It offers top news from over 130 regions and languages which you can conveniently access all with just a single click.

Key features:

  • Access top news from over 130 regions and languages with every new tab
  • Customize news categories or add specific topics/sources of interest
  • Seamlessly integrates with Google News, Twitter, and RSS feeds
  • Combines the flexibility of open RSS readers with the visual appeal of modern news apps
  • Enjoy offline reading and integration with “save for later” apps like Pocket
  • Supports video news, podcasts, and includes a simple TO-DO list feature
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4. Spaywall News & Research

If it’s about reading news, Paywalls can be a pain, blocking you from interesting articles and research. This is where Spaywall News & Research comes as a handy Chrome extension to breach the wall, but legally.

Spaywall Chrome extension searches online archives for free versions of articles you want to read. It doesn’t break any rules – it simply finds a different website that has the same content without a paywall.

This makes a win-win for both casual readers and those in academia. Moreover, you can upgrade to the paid version which gives you more resources and access anytime.

Key features:

  • Legally bypass paywalls by searching online archives
  • Find free versions of news articles and research papers
  • Provides scholarly research papers for students and academics for free
Get the Spaywall News & Research extension

5. Feedly Notifier

Have you ever looked to stay on top of your favorite news sources? Feedly Notifier is a handy Chrome extension that keeps you in the loop. The extension helps you manage your Feedly subscriptions and see unread news articles at a glance.

The extension offers a bunch of useful features. You can see the number of unread articles waiting for you, along with headlines and links for quick access. There’s even a preview function within the popup window for a more detailed look.

Key features:

  • It shows how many unread articles you have
  • Provides a glimpse of unread article titles and links
  • Preview articles within the extension
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